Colosseum Dental Group is a leading dentistry company in the European dental services market, striving for continuous growth and operational excellence.


We presently operate in eleven European countries

Colosseum Dental Group operates more than 620 modern, well-equipped clinics and 50 labs in eleven European markets. The Group generates over EUR 1.1 billion in yearly revenues and treats over 6 million patients. Over 12,500 skilled dental professionals conduct high-quality treatments covering all specialities, focusing on excellent patient care.

We invest in innovations, utilise modern technologies, and implement digital workflows to benefit our patients and clinic teams. Building Colosseum Dental Group to align with our ambition of being a best-in-class employer and partner for our professionals. We conduct an annual employee survey for all colleagues, led by the international Great Place to Work organisation.


Our mission is to provide modern, quality dentistry services for the benefit of patients, dentists, colleagues and shareholders, striving for continuous growth and excellence.

Our vision and values

Our vision is becoming the Pan-European leader and Employer of Choice in dentistry. 

As a value-driven Group, we are guided by three fundamental principles reflecting a commitment to quality dental care and providing an excellent patient experience. Our values are lived by the teams every day: we feel empowered to provide the best possible dental care and service, we collaborate between all our markets to drive positive impact, and care is in the heart of everything we do. 


The Jacobs´ legacy and the Colosseum Way

Colosseum Dental Group´s majority shareholder is Jacobs Holding, a global professional investment firm based in Zürich, Switzerland. Jacobs Holding has a long-term commitment to dentistry through its investment in Colosseum Dental Group in Europe and North American Dental Group in the U.S. Entrepreneurship and long-term value creation for a charitable cause is central to the Jacobs´ legacy. Jacobs Holdings’ sole economic beneficiary is the Jacobs Foundation, one of the world’s leading charitable foundations, dedicated to child and young people development on a global scale. 

Colosseum Dental Group's mission is to provide dentistry services that maintain and improve our patient's oral health and broader wellbeing. By fulfilling our mission, we reinforce our wider purpose, supporting the long-term work of the Jacobs Foundation. Find out more about the Foundation: Our Charitable Cause.

On an operational level, we strive to be a Good Neighbour through sustainable global procurement, local corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability programs.

Colosseum Dental Group cares for our patients, our people and the communities we operate in, as well as collaborating in an international network for the benefit of all. We Care!