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We are recruiting dentists and colleagues to deliver excellent dental care to our patients.

Joining one of our national dental chains provides you with career options. You are now part of a network of colleagues and specialists who regularly consult, both within your own country and across borders. You gain access to industry expertise and opportunities to develop your career further. Our guiding philosophy is to develop our colleagues, provide training opportunities, and offer appropriate rewards.

At CDG, we enable and empower our dentists to concentrate on working as a dentist, focusing on the needs of patients to meet their expectations. This is achieved by putting the patient at the centre of everything we do (Patient-Centricity). Our infrastructure, exclusive Colosseum Academy courses, accredited master programs and best practices protocols are all developed in collaboration with our uniquely experienced Medical Advisory Board.

As a European network, we have assembled a wide range of dental knowledge and competencies that stand at your disposal. We learn from each other, work in teams, and discuss cases. We also provide the opportunity to work closely with our specialists and other colleagues.

As a dental practitioner, working within CDG, you will be encouraged to influence how your time is best devoted in order to create the best outcomes for your patients whilst helping to fulfil one of our core values: We Care!

What's it like working at Colosseum Dental Group?

You will be welcomed as part of a big family. CDG is unique: the company set up (Jacobs’ Foundation origin and philosophy = grandparents), strong operational expertise that defines how the company is managed (country platforms = parents), and an international network of support (clinics = brothers and sisters). Our structure guarantees that you always have someone that can support you. Our Academy courses and GPTW (Great Place to Work) ethos allows you a clear route to develop your chosen career pathway and to take advantage of any international mobility opportunity.

At CDG, we foster an 'inclusive culture' and promote dentistry as a 'people business'. Our behaviours will make the difference and drive success. It is about being respectful, taking pride in what we do, and caring for our patients, colleagues, partners and all stakeholders.



Source: Colosseum Dental United Kingdom

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