As one of the leading dental care providers in Europe, it is our goal to maintain the highest possible standards when it comes to safety for patients and our staff, medical treatments, quality of service and ethical business behaviour. We have put in place processes and policies to ensure that all our directors, managers and employees live up to the values of our Group and the highest ethical standards are upheld in our daily operations. 

Medical quality and clinical compliance are crucial to providing best-in-class dentistry services and are the foundation of our daily operations. Colosseum Dental Group applies rigorous standards when it comes to medical, clinical and quality-related topics across our Group to provide our patients with the best and safest patient experience possible. At Group level we have established a Group Medical Board consisting of experienced professionals to oversee and define medical and quality-related strategies, policies and practices and to establish a uniform approach to high-quality dentistry and the related standards across the whole Colosseum Dental Group. On the country level, we have established a medical organisation led by a Chief Dentist, who is part of the local management team and responsible for implementing the strategies, policies and practices defined by the Group Medical Board. No matter if our patients visit a clinic in Oslo, Zurich or London, they will experience the same level of quality and diligence across all our clinics Group-wide. This is the promise we make to our patients worldwide.

The Charter of our Group Medical Board can be found below:

Group Medical Board Charter

To contact us about anything related to medical and clinical compliance, please use the contact details below:

For the attention of the Chairman of the Group Medical Board

Postal address: Colosseum AG, Talstrasse 70, CH-8001, Zürich, Switzerland

Our Board of Directors, Group Executive Committee, as well as our Local Executive Committees, are fully committed to ensuring compliance with applicable legal regulations as well as ethical standards. Our Group Code of Conduct provides a framework for our Group, our employees and our business partners of our business principles and ethical standards that we expect to be respected in our daily activities. The Group Code of Conduct also conveys the principles and values of our Group. It ensures that we live up to our corporate social responsibility in everything we do so that we can be proud of our Group’s culture and achievements. We have processes in place when it comes to the reporting of misconduct which ensures that complaints are being taken seriously, thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action is being taken.

Our Group Code of Conduct can be found below.

Group Code of Conduct

Besides, we see it as our responsibility to make sure that our suppliers and business partners are also committed to a compliant and sustainable way of doing business, and that is why we request them to adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct can be found below.

Supplier Code of Conduct

To contact us about anything related to compliance and ethical business behaviour, please use the contact details below:

For the attention of Group General Counsel

Email address:

Postal address: Colosseum AG, Talstrasse 70, CH-8001, Zürich, Switzerland