Our Medical Board oversees the clinical standards and governance within the Colosseum Dental Group.


The Medical Board issues guidance on clinical procedures. It supports clinicians in their clinical autonomy in all CDG country organisations through vigorous governance and oversight, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and thereby safeguarding and protecting our patients and colleagues.

At CDG, the Medical Board’s main duties are :

  • Setting the vision for the medical agenda and top medical priorities in the pan-European setting of Colosseum Dental Group
  • Issuing guidance on clinical procedures and support clinicians in all countries
  • Being compliant with the national healthcare authorities´ guidelines in all dental practices of CDG and its country organisations
  • Implementing additional safety measures to allow the group to safeguard our patients and colleagues
  • Supporting clinicians in executing their clinical autonomy within regulatory frameworks in decisions concerning the patients´ treatment plans and treatment
  • Issuing compliance guidelines on facilities, SOP’s, medical protocol and regulator expectation
  • Facilitating systematic internal audit schemes to measure the execution of the guidance, quality assure our processes and allow us to achieve continuous improvement
  • Issuing guidelines for clinical innovations and medical procurement.

Clinical autonomy

The dentist always carries the responsibility to diagnose and treat the patient according to a treatment plan agreed with the patient, following clear and informed discussion within the regulatory and governance framework.

Patient care and experience

CDG is dedicated to developing patient care and improving the quality of patient experience in all markets we operate in.

Country organisations within CDG collect patient feedback and measure patient satisfaction scores. We employ various techniques to encourage comments on the individual clinicians, clinics and country organisations. All feedback metrics are utilised to develop patient care, focusing on opportunities for improvement.

Developing patient experience includes; focusing on providing a full assessment and communication around treatment options, the costs, benefits and the impact of the different alternatives to enable patients to make informed decisions.

Medical Board members

Chief Medical Officers