Innovations in Colosseum Dental Group are a vehicle for creating value for our patients, colleagues and our organisation.


At CDG we have empowered local management teams to support the clinics and contribute to the common innovation strategy. Decisions on resource allocation are based on collaboration.

At Colosseum Dental Group, we focus on preventive care – keeping our patients healthy. We gear much of our innovation towards implementing scientifically proven advancements for improving dental care and the overall health of our patients. The most beneficial strategies drive dental care from restoration to prevention – from cure to care.

One of our strengths lies in the organisation where each treating team has clinical autonomy within the regulatory and governance framework supported by Colosseum Dental Group and its Medical Board. We encourage our clinical teams to continually invest their expertise in developing innovational ways of working and improving patient care.

The strengths of our pan-European and trans-Atlantic collaboration network rise from our organisational architecture. Radical innovations have a fruitful building ground due to our structure. Building and maintaining a caring culture in the people business we are in is a driving force behind our culture driving innovations. 

Due to our innovational culture at Colosseum Dental Group,

  • We have built our own Colosseum Group Academy, also operating in digital format, for building and preserving our high curriculum standards
  • We invest in the absolute latest cutting-edge digital scanning technology for enhancing the quality of our treatments and patient experience
  • We drive implementing patient-friendly treatment technologies such as clear aligners in orthodontics
  • We invest in developing our patient experience with new tools such as patient portals for convenience and safety
  • We construct future best-in-class support and practice management systems for our teams
  • We value transparent communication and use our own social intranet application “the CDG Hub” to communicate to, with and within our teams, to enhance the implementation of our innovations and connect all our colleagues across all geographies for boosting our innovational power.

We see our innovation boosting culture as an asset enabling and supporting our colleagues to care for our patients the best way possible – today and tomorrow.