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Colosseum Dental Group operates in eleven European countries


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  • Belgium : Colosseum Dental Benelux

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  • Denmark : Colosseum Tandlægerne

    Colosseum Dental Group has 14 dental clinics in Denmark that is administratively supported by the Danish head office.
  • Finland : Oral Hammaslääkärit

    Oral Hammaslääkärit is the market leader and the most valued dental health service company in Finland (Innolink Research 2019).

    Oral Hammaslääkärit operates more than 60 clinics across Finland with more than 1600 dental health professionals, and a very high level of customer satisfaction (NPS >90%).
  • France : Dentelia

    Dentelia consists of a network of 14 modern practices across Paris and Bordeaux region and starting from March 2021 in Marseille and Toulouse, offering a wide range of dental care services.

    The company employs 220 dental care professionals. Dentelia focuses on the patient journey to guarantee the best conditions and personalised advice throughout the administration and treatment process.
  • Germany : Colosseum Dental Deutschland

    Colosseum Dental Deutschland started in 2018 and became the largest provider of dental health services in Germany within a year. With currently more than 50 locations, it is operating nationwide with a multi-brand strategy.
  • Italy : OdontoSalute

    OdontoSalute is a dental healthcare network that operates throughout Italy with direct and affiliation clinics.

    OdontoSalute offers the most advanced services and dental treatments within all specialities.
  • Italy : Mirò Dental Medical Center

    Mirò, headquartered in Bolzano, Italy, is a high-quality dental care provider. 

    Mirò has set-up successfully 19 clinics through acquisitions and selected greenfield locations over a period of more than 10 years. Its expansion is driven by a standardised clinic operations model, which supports efficient scaling while putting the patient always first.
  • Italy : Dentalcoop

    Dentalcoop is a network of coordinated dental facilities to offer high-quality services and easy access. Leveraging the strength of cooperation, typical know-how, and greater purchasing power guarantees significant cost containment, which translates into advantageous prices for our patients.
  • Norway : Colosseum Tannlege

    Colosseum Tannlege is Norway's leading provider of dental health services, with over 30 dental clinics that all offer the best in dental health.
  • Sweden : Smile Tandvård

    Smile Dental Care is Sweden's oldest and largest private dental care chain, with 39 clinics in 34 locations throughout Sweden.
  • Switzerland : Colosseum Dental Schweiz

    At 25 locations in Switzerland provides the full range of professional dentistry.

    The innovative swiss smile concept and its extraordinary services, combined with excellent quality, were honoured with national and international awards.
  • The Netherlands : Colosseum Dental Benelux
  • UK : Colosseum Dental UK

    Colosseum Dental is one of the largest providers of dentistry in the UK. With more than 70 local clinics and over 750,000 NHS and private patients.