An interview with Ragnhild Hauge Waters - Head of Colosseum Academy

Ragnhild Hauge Waters
  1. What is the history of Colosseum Academy?

    A unique Academy in dentistry based on hands-on-training has been a lifelong vision of the founder of Colosseum in Scandinavia, Gard Lauvsnes. A vision which we share. During my period as CEO of Norway, a sudden opportunity turned up where Dr Gilberto Debelian, a merited international lecturer and endo specialist working in Colosseum Norway, looked for new facilities for his training centre. We grasped the opportunity for a joint venture in prime locations at Majorstuen, Oslo. With our Group CEO's strong support, Stefan Nilsson, we managed to build the state-of-the-art venue in just a few months and had our Group inauguration, June 2019. Sharing the same vision of continued education as vital for high-quality dentistry, our Group CEO appointed me Head of Group Academy from November 2019. Following our Group size and set-up, we have built structure and concept for our Group Academy internationally with an essential base in our hands-on-training-centre. Dr Gilberto Debelian plays a vital role as chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of our Group Academy.
  2. What training opportunities does Colosseum Academy offer?

    The concept of our Group Academy consists of two categories; Master Curriculum Program and Focus Trainings. Due to Covid, our development has been somewhat delayed. However, it has granted us the opportunity to offer digitalized courses. We are currently conducting digital Master courses, module 1 in endodontics, prosthodontics, and oral surgery.

    We will continue building the portfolio of both Focus Trainings and Master Courses and will, during 2021, offer a more comprehensive range of training.
  3. What is the difference between the Master Curriculum Program and the Focus Trainings?

    Master Curriculum Program is a scientific and evidence-based program for dentists at a world-class level. Modules are over 2-3 years, securing the unbiased best practice protocols. The Master Curriculum Program will be conducted online and onsite at the training centre in Oslo, Norway.

    Focus Trainings is learning and development activities for all categories of staff in all Colosseum markets. Focus training is typical:
    - Training provided by our existing partners/suppliers
    - Local training that has been developed in the markets
    - Training provided by our University partners
  4. To whom are the training courses addressed?

    Master Curriculum Program is offered to all dentists and specialists in our Group, whereas Focus Trainings is for dentists, specialists, hygienists, and staff categories.
  5. How important is innovation in the dental sector?

    We see a fast pace of technological transformation in our industry. Digital workflow and the use of scanners is one example. As a leading Group in dentistry internationally, we, therefore, need to secure that we are at the forefront of technological innovations, both through partnering up with leading suppliers within R&D, as well as rolling out new technology through best practice protocols as part of our continued education. Within our Master Curriculum Program, I also see potential in R&D projects as part of our own Group Academy in the future.
  6. In your opinion, what're the most advanced fields today and on which training is essential?

    We see many exciting fields as part of our profession's innovation and trends, which we will include in our curriculum.

    Due to the size, diversity of the markets, and Colosseum Dental Group's strategic positioning, we believe that our patients' consistency in dentistry quality is paramount.  We, therefore, see our evidence-based protocols in all the disciplines of our Master Curriculum Program as vital in securing a certain standard and update for all dentists (our "University"). Acknowledging that dentistry is a hands-on-profession (and academic), we see hand-on-training as a core element.

    Focus Trainings will be where the protocols are "operationalized" and allow preferred suppliers to do the training.
  7. What is the teaching method, and there are important names recognized in the industry as teachers?

    With the size of Colosseum Dental Group, we are fortunate to have many very competent internal resources. Our Academy's Scientific Advisory Board consists of representatives and Key Opinion Leaders for each market and will recommend names both internally and externally. We are also exploring cooperation with different universities.

    The teaching method for the Master Curriculum Program is a combination of online and onsite training at the training centre in Oslo, Norway.
  8. How are the courses delivered? Online or offline?

    Due to the pandemic, most courses are now online, all presented on our Academy website

    The Master courses provide theoretical lectures and hands-on training on specially designed 3D teeth and models installed on phantom heads. Each discipline has several online and onsite modules for dental professionals to build up their curriculum.

    The online courses consist of on-demand lectures in a video format with hands-on demonstrations. The lectures are recorded at the Academy teaching centre in Oslo. The participants enrolled in these courses will have 14 days to learn from the lectures and meet the teachers after this period on a 2 hours webinar for questions, discussion, and additional information.

    The participants will receive a certificate and be eligible to participate in the onsite hands-on course in Oslo on this specific module and discipline when travel restrictions allow.
  9. What is the ultimate objective of Colosseum Academy? What are its long-term goals?

    The objective of Colosseum Academy is to secure the highest quality dentistry for our patients.

    Our Academy will be vital in positioning the Group as a premium provider of dentistry. We believe that securing consistency in quality and being at the forefront of technological transformation will be necessary for Colosseum as an attractive workplace for our staff.