Colosseum Dental Group´s vision, caring culture and structure drives radical innovation


A valid question we always ask is, "How are we expecting innovation to create value for our patients, colleagues and organisation?". At CDG, we are fortunate to have empowered local management teams in all our country organisations, supporting the clinics while contributing to the common innovation strategy. Together, we decide where to allocate our resources.

As our work and values substantially focus on helping patients, our prophylactic approach aims to reduce future restorative care. Many of our innovations concentrate on implementing the most proven scientific advances to improve care and health. Ultimately, the treatments and technologies that Colosseum Dental Group employs add more excellent value to our patients' care.

A particular strength lies in the organisation's framework, where each dentistry team have clinical autonomy within the regulatory and governance framework, supported by Colosseum Dental Group.

As an example, we know that our patient rating (e.g. NPS) is very high, but that is not a reason to relax. We continuously focus on incremental or routine innovations to improve our already delivering care to a very high standard. Much of this emanates from a clinical and operational level: the dentists, nurses, hygienists, dental technicians, receptionists and care coordinators, all of whom innovate and suggest new ways of improving patient care.

As a significant global dental provider, our organisational structure is true strength. The radical innovations we are pioneering improve and enhance the quality of care for all our patients and make it possible for us to invest in our vision. For CDG, radical innovations help build and maintain a caring culture, which is crucial in delivering our offer – We Care!

Our innovative approach, incremental, radical, and disruptive, has driven us to create our state-of-the-art Academy (physical and digital), where we build and preserve high clinical curriculum standards. Our approach has also made it possible for us to invest in the latest digital techniques. For example, it is no longer necessary for patients to put those gooey impression materials in their mouth; we have built our online patient portal for patient convenience and safety; we are constructing the future support systems for our teams, the Practice Management System. 

To spread our happy culture and regularly communicate with colleagues, we have our intranet and employee app, 'The Hub', with +5000 members. Soon we will be able to reach all team members all over Europe and beyond. That is a lot of internal innovations power!