Charitable cause

Jacobs Foundation, one of the world’s leading charities for children and youth, is the ultimate economic beneficiary.

Jacobs Holding AG, the main owner of Colosseum, is a global professional investment firm. Based in Zurich, it was founded in 1994 by entrepreneur Klaus J. Jacobs. The firm focuses on acquiring new stakes and then goes on to strengthen managements—thus increasing the value of the company’s assets. Jacobs Holding is guided by an entrepreneurial approach to deliberately investing in growth, and thereby generating value by creating sustainable market leaders.

The sole economic beneficiary of Jacobs Holding is the Jacobs Foundation, one of the world’s leading charities dedicated to child and youth development. Its investment in youth aims at producing socially responsible and productive members of society. The Jacobs Foundation believes youth must be given better opportunities for personal development and equal access to education. All young people should get the chance to achieve their true potential, regardless of background, residence or family income level.