Charitable cause

Jacobs Foundation, one of the world’s leading charities for children and youth, is the ultimate economic beneficiary.

Jacobs Foundation invests in the future of young people so that they become socially responsible and productive members of society. The Foundation believes youth must be given better opportunities for personal development and equal access to education. All young people should get the chance to achieve their true potential, regardless of background, residence or family income level.

Since its inception, the Foundation has invested more than CHF 500 million in funding.


Focus areas of the Jacobs Foundation

The Jacobs Foundation supports innovative scientists and global research on learning and child development and facilitates projects in early childhood and rural livelihoods.


  1. “Science of Learning” investigates the limits of individual learning and development globally. The foundation funds world-class research institutes and promotes the creation of sustainable research capacity.
  2. “Early Childhood Education and Care” contributes to the development of relevant policies and programs in Switzerland and other European countries. The foundation is seeking dialogue with decision-makers and society at large and helps to drive the research agenda by forming strategic partnerships.
  3. “Rural Livelihoods” is a program in Ivory Coast called TRECC (Transforming Education in Cocoa Communities), which is a long term multi-stakeholder partnership with the cocoa and chocolate industry, the Ivorian government and philanthropic partners to improve the quality of education at the national level and in the cocoa-growing regions.


The most prominent projects of the Jacobs Foundation include Ready! – Frühe Kindheit ist entscheidend  (Early childhood is decisive) and TRECC – Transformer l’éducation dans les communautés de cacao (Transforming Education in Cocoa Communities – Changes in Education in Ivory Coast).