Selling your practice

Selling your practice to the Colosseum Dental Group provides an opportunity to develop your career. Whether it's continuing your employment or retiring, your practice will continue to thrive within the Group.

The Colosseum Dental Group is an expanding European network of dental practices. We continue to acquire existing dental practices in local markets. This implies recruiting ever more talent while investing in dental technology on behalf of our members. All the while ensuring our values match, enabling members to continue running their practices successfully within the Group.
At the core of our acquisition process is sellers’ continued involvement in their practices. This helps maintain optimum patient satisfaction.

We offer many advantages compared to local, independent clinics. Our business model opens the door to working under a flexible form of employment suited to your needs.

We provide dentists with needed assets for offering true qualitative care. As a member of the Colosseum Dental Group you are entitled to flexible employment options that permit you to focus on your field of expertise. Perhaps you want to downscale. Or become a consultant. Or even join us on a full-time basis. In addition, the Group offers support for administrative and staffing issues, enabling consistent focus on your own professional ambitions. We are patient-oriented. This means patients benefit from your access to the Colosseum network of competencies in virtually all fields of dentistry.

If you own a practice, we can offer these alternatives:

  • A new role within Colosseum Dental itself
  • Continue as a dentist or specialist
  • Downscaling
  • Moving on
Contact us
Thinking about downscaling as a prelude to retirement? Or perhaps selling your practice to work directly with us?

Get in touch with our national executives who deal with acquisitions:

General questions and other countries
Bianca Vögeli
+41 79 942 62 16

Jeannette Junge
+41 43 344 24 03

Ragnhild Hauge Waters
+47 91 38 69 12

Per Fägerblad
+46 70 676 73 46

Kenny Valentine
+44 7456958406

Lars Burchardt

Bianca Vögeli
+41 79 942 62 16

Seppo Risku
+358 40 403 5727