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Update on COVID-19 information and Colosseum Dental Group´s preparations


The COVID-19 pandemic affects all countries and communities across Europe, where the Colosseum Dental Group (CDG) operates. At CDG, we have taken the situation exceptionally seriously since the beginning and will continue to apply all conceivable measures to keep our colleagues and patients safe.

Even now, as the progress of the pandemic has significantly reduced, our medical board continue to monitor the situation very carefully, ensuring we collaborate with and follow the healthcare authorities´ guidance in all our markets.

The Medical Board of Colosseum Dental Group safeguards our colleagues and patients by enforcing the national healthcare authorities´ guidelines in all our dental practices and deciding on additional safety measures daily. Our clinics are operating with revised Standard Operating Procedures which reflect public health guidance specific to each country. Additionally, we have created a CDG Medical Board’s instructions on Covid-19 Policy for our colleagues, setting expectations of the group in terms of how we represent the profession both at and away from work environments, travel advisory guidance and guidance around the use of masks and face coverings, as well as COVID-19 Event reporting form

Eddie Coyle
Dr. Eddie Coyle B.D.S., M.B.A. (Healthcare), Cert Practice Appraisal RCS (Engl) – Clinical Director CDUK, Chairman CDG European Medical Board.

“The medical board of Colosseum Dental Group has been highly focused on the progression of the coronavirus pandemic and the impact on our clinics, patients and services. The board has remained close to developments, local country public health guidelines and most importantly our people throughout the last months. Universal precautions are designed to instil high standards of cross infection control, decontamination, and re-processing of instruments to minimise the risk of transfer of pathogens between staff members, staff and patients and also between patients.

The clinics within Colosseum Dental Group already operate with very high standard operating procedures.

The coronavirus is a respiratory virus that is passed on by small droplets contained in the process of breathing and airborne transmission may be possible in specific circumstances through procedures that generate aerosols – this applies to dental treatment where the high-speed drill is used.

The Medical Board has a firm belief that new universal precautions to minimise any risk to our colleagues and patients are necessary in light of the advent of COVID-19.”A major part of our new universal precautions is in relation to personal protective equipment (PPE) and reduction of the aerosol in our environments – CDG is taking this extremely seriously. We have introduced “The Colosseum Way” which means enhanced levels of PPE being used by our teams in the delivery of care and various additional measures which will reduce the risk of any infection or contamination for all involved in the procedure. The safety, well-being and psychological confidence of our clinic colleagues and patients seeking treatment is our primary focus and the Medical Board is confident that our new measures will provide reassurance and safe environments where your dental care can be carried out.”

CDG guidelines and measures are issued by the Medical Board to enforce strict clinical and hygienic procedures.

Read more about the CDG Medical Board.

As a patient, please follow the local authorities´ recommendations and the instructions from your local Colosseum Dental Group´s practice concerning your treatment. Please also follow our local guide at our dental practices, which is aimed at keeping our patients, our colleagues, and their families safe and healthy. We at Colosseum Dental Group are dedicated to fighting against the spread of COVID-19.

The Colosseum Way flyer

Infection Control, Policies and Procedures

Clinical operation and patient treatment procedures

According to the Medical Board’s guidance we:

  • Follow, the always overriding, guidance from local authorities as well as WHO (World Health Organization)
  • Only treat emergencies/urgent examinations (according to local guidance)
  • Keep on applying our normal high Standard Operating Procedures for Cross Infection Control
  • Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Exercise Social Distancing (when possible)
  • Take care and stay safe

Treatment focus during Covid-19 pandemic

During the pandemic, we are restricting the treatments of specific patient groups in our clinics according to the local guidance.

  • Patients tested positive for Covid-19 or patients, that have or had (the last 14 days)
  • >37.5 degrees of body temperature
  • signs of acute infection (coughing, colds, breathing difficulties)

Depending on local regulations the temperature of each patient can be measured prior to entering the treatment room. Patients showing symptoms or being diagnosed with Covid-19 are referred to local designated clinics.

All patients are asked screening questions to detect the risk of infection already at booking or when confirming bookings:

  • Do you have Covid-19 (Coronavirus)? Have you been tested positive?
  • Are you experiencing (or have the last 14 days) flu-like symptoms like shortness of breath, fever or cough?

If a patient answers yes on any above, the patient is referred to an alternative authorized clinic or booked a new appointment more than 14 days after the initial booking. The treating dentist will consult the patient online or by phone if needed and recommend further actions needed.

We delay non-urgent treatments:

  • Recalls/check-ups
  • Scaling/Root surface debridement
  • Cosmetic treatments, e.g. teeth whitening
  • Restorations routine with no pain and low-risk
  • Asymptomatic endodontics/root canal treatments
  • Implant related elective treatments
  • Tooth extraction without pain symptoms

We conduct essential and urgent treatments:

  • Emergency examinations
  • Pain connected to pulpal inflammation/infection
  • Pain connected to an active infection, trauma, swelling
  • Denture treatment
  • To stop disease when there is a risk for larger complications

For more details on essential and non-essential treatments, please check our most recent updates from the Medical Board.

To ensure the safety of our patients and clinicians we use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • Headgear (option, on the patient as well)
  • Standard mask
  • Visors (alt. goggles)
  • Disposable apron/gowns
  • Protective gloves
  • Rubber dam whenever possible
  • High vacuum suction close to the area

In the event that a Covid-19 suspectable has entered the treatment room despite precautionary measures, local recommendations on additional cleaning methods in cleaning and disinfecting the treatment room apply.

We apply additional hygienic procedures and social distancing measures in all clinics:

  • Keeping at least 1-2m distance to the patient (when possible)
  • Removing all unnecessary paper, folder, files
  • Rearranging waiting area to maintain >1-2 m social distance at all times
  • Patients are instructed to wait outside until their appointment time
  • As always disinfection of all surfaces in the treatment room after each patient and an extra 3 times/day for the reception are etc, with special attention to door handles, chairs, bench areas, reception area, toilets/sinks, payment terminals, pcs and printers
  • Plastic protection might be applied at reception

Flyer about social distancing