About us

The objective of our Colosseum Academy is to provide continuous education to our staff to ensure outstanding care for our patients.


Master Curriculum Program
Scientifically and evidence-based program for dentists at a global world-class level. Modules over 2-3 years, securing the unbiased best practice and quality for patients. Master Curriculum Program will be conducted in the Oslo technical training centre.

Focus training
All learning and development activities for all staff in all Colosseum markets. Supported and coordinated at Group level. Most trainings organised locally, Group coordinated training will be announced on this webpage.


COVID-19 impact on Master Curriculum Program

Due to the actual coronavirus situation, our courses are being postponed until further notice.

However, we are planning to start a new digital Master Curriculum program in October 2020 with the first online modules on endodontics, prosthodontics, and surgery. 

The new digitalized Master Curriculum Program will be provided through a dedicated website. Each discipline will contain two modules. Each module includes 3 to 4 on-demand lectures on a video format with hands-on demonstrations. The participants enrolled in these courses will have 15 days to learn from the lectures and meet the teachers after this period on a 2 hours webinar for questions, discussion, and additional information. The participants will receive a certificate and be eligible to participate in the onsite hands-on course in Oslo on the specific module and discipline. The cost of each digital module will be 150 Euros.

The first discipline will be endodontics by Dr. Gilberto Debelian, Chair of the CDG Academy Scientific Advisory Board.

All dentists working in a CDG practice have the option of registering for the new online modules.

Please take a look at this downloadable material for more information on CDG Academy and the upcoming courses.


In the meanwhile, we invite you to visit our e-Learning support during COVID-19 pandemic library, where you will find materials provided by our partners. 

Join one of our courses to update your knowledge in endodontics, prosthetics and surgery.

In addition to trainings executed in each operating country, we are very proud to have our new, state-of-the-art Group Training Centre in Oslo, Norway.