Who we are

We want to provide modern, quality dentistry services for the benefit of patients, dentists, employees and shareholders, striving for continuous growth and excellence.

Our model is built on strong country organisations in the regions where we operate. We use a leadership model where our country managers are trusted to make good decisions that benefits both the Group and our local clinics. Our central operation supports local dental chains with leadership and operational knowledge and are a facilitator for successful collaboration between countries. We have extensive experience from investing in EMEA countries and a strong buying organisation to support new ventures.

Our beneficiary owner is Jacobs Foundation, one of the world’s leading charitable foundations dedicated to child and youth development.

Our vision and values

We strive to become a European leader in dentistry, thanks to an innovative model based on strong local platforms. As a value-driven Group, we are guided by six basic principles reflecting a commitment to quality dental care.



We love and understand dentistry. Passion for dental care and the best patient experience is at the heart of how we operate.


Our greatest strength is our people. We recruit and retain talent by allowing them to grow, providing training opportunities and rewarding them for their contributions.


We always think in a business like manner and strive to provide the best results in an efficient, professional and cost effective way, taking personal ownership.

Continuous improvement

We aspire to be the best in class and continuously look for new ways to improve and remain ahead of our competitors.


Common sense, sense of urgency and a pragmatic approach is important to us.


We believe in working together as one team, using open and informal communication. We will be judged by the quality of our team.

Where we are

We are presently operating in six European countries

12 clinics, situated in 7, locations, 200 co-workers 80 NHS and private clinics, situated in 50 counties, 800 co-workers 23 clinics, situated in 15 locations, 500 co-workers 2 clinics situated in Copenhagen, 35 co-workers 31 clinics, situated in 25 locations, 600 co-workers 63 clinics, situated in 40 locations, 1300 co-workers    


12 clinics, situated in 7 locations, 200 co-workers


23 clinics, situated in 15 locations, 500 co-workers


31 clinics, situated in 25 locations, 600 co-workers


80 NHS and private clinics, situated in 50 counties, 800 co-workers


2 clinics situated in Copenhagen, 35 co-workers


63 clinics, situated in 40 locations, 1300 co-workers





Colosseum Dental Group is headed by an experienced and devoted team with state-of-the-art dentistry at the heart of their interest.

Lars Armbäck
Chief Dentist

Lars Armbäck joined in 2011.

He has 30+ years dentistry experience as a GP, and for the past six years as a dentist at Colosseum Smile’s clinics in Malmö, Sweden. Lars has been odontologically responsible for three Colosseum Smile clinics with a focus on best practices, dentist development and quality assurance. Previous experience includes 10 years advising the Swedish Social Insurance agency teaching at a dental school (and coordinating clinical trials.
Lars has a special interest in prosthetics, implants, quality, treatment strategy, and best practices concepts.

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Fabio Boscolo
Head of Italy

Fabio founded OdontoSalute in 2008 and has been running the company since.

He started his first clinic in 2008 and has over the last ten years built up a leading, Italian clinic chain with close to 40 owned and franchised clinics.  Fabio built-up an advanced production system, allowing OdontoSalute to compete succesfully  in the Italian market.

Fabio is a dentist by training, but also holds a SDA from Bocconi.

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Stephanie Buschle
Head of Business Development

Stephanie Buschle joined in 2017.

Prior to joining Colosseum Dental, Stephanie was an investment manager at Jacobs Holding AG where she sourced and evaluated new direct investment opportunities, and executed Jacobs’ transactions in the dental industry. Previously, Stephanie gained transaction experience as a senior consultant with the Corporate Finance / M&A team at PwC in Zurich and Toronto.
Stephanie holds a Master’s degree in Quantitative Economics and Finance from the University of St. Gallen.

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Dominik Cajochen
Head of Procurement

Dominik Cajochen joined Colosseum Dental Group in 2017

Dominik has a strong background in global Strategic Sourcing, Transformation, Source to Pay and Business Services including previous roles of global Head of Procurement Operations at SABMiller, Director of Corporate Initiatives at Sony Music and Purchasing Group Manager at Procter & Gamble.
Dominik holds a Master’s Degree in International Studies from the Graduate Institute of Geneva.

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Ragnhild Hauge Waters
Co-head of Norway

Ragnhild Hauge Waters joined in 2010.

Prior to joining the Colosseum Group Ragnhild held a variety of positions in general management and HR. Past experience includes international sales at Helly Hansen, HR management at Peterson Linerboard (pulp and paper industry) as well as being the CEO of a rehabilitation company. Furthermore, Ragnhild has worked as a business consultant for ten years, successfully driving a variety of projects ranging from turn around cases to management for hire assignments in a broad range of industries. Ragnhild has a deep understanding of HR and is highly passionate about the engagement of people throughout the organisation.

Ragnhild holds an MBA from University of Karlstad/BI, Oslo Business School.

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Peter Keegans
Head of UK

Peter joined as CEO of Southern Dental Group in November 2016.

Prior to joining Southern Dental, he held senior operational and financial roles for Oasis Healthcare, Apex Dental, West Cornwall Pasty Company, Danish Bacon and AJW Aviation. He has significant experience of mergers and acquisitions having been involved in 20 corporate transactions
Peter is a professionally qualified Chartered Management Accountant.

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Franz Maier
Head of Switzerland

Franz Maier joined in 2013.

Franz has over 25 years’ experience in functional and general management positions. In the dental field, he founded b1 advisory AG in 2012. He has advised several leading companies in the MedTech and Biotech fields, including Straumann (CH), MIS Implants (IL), Matrix Biotech (CH), Nano-Biological Molecules (CH). He was also a non-executive board member of Nobel Biocare and held the post of Executive Vice President Sales and Member of the Executive Board at Straumann (CH). Prior to his healthcare experience, he worked for the Wella Group / Procter & Gamble for 14 years.
Franz holds a Master of Science in business administration from Passau University in Germany, with further business education at Harvard Business School (USA) and IMD (Switzerland).

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Pål Mørkved
Head of Denmark

Pål Mørkved joined in June 2012.

Prior to joining the Colosseum Group, Pål worked for five years as CFO for a Scandinavian chain of private hospitals/clinics. Pål has also worked as a business consultant for about 10 years, focusing on finance and accounting in several industries. This includes working for Deloitte, Andersen, Norsk Lotteridrift ASA and Teres Medical Group AS.
Pål holds a degree in Master of Science in Business from Nord University in Bodø.

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Rikke Overgaard
Co-head of Norway

Rikke Overgaard joined in 1996.

Rikke has worked for the Group for 20+ years with vast and profound experience from all aspects of our operations. Having worked in various managerial positions within the Group she has a deep understanding of all aspects of operations including quality of care, professional development, best practice sharing as well as IT projects, sales and marketing. Rikke has successfully built up the Norwegian business and took the role of country head in 2011. Prior to joining Colosseum Dental Group Rikke worked in sales, accounting and finance functions with Ring Medisinske Senter as well as the Benova Group.

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Malin Schmidt
Head of Sweden

Malin Schmidt joined as CEO of Smile Tandvård in February 2017.

Prior to joining Colosseum Smile Group, Malin held various managerial positions within education for the past 13 years. For 10 years Malin worked for the EF Education group, building chains of school networks in China, Indonesia and Russia. Her focus has always been on growth, expansion strategy as well as sales, marketing and HR. Before entering education Malin started out as a management consultant for a smaller boutique firm in Sweden.
Malin holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Gothenburg School of Economics in Sweden.

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Board of directors

Patrick De Maeseneire
Chairman of the Board

Patrick De Maeseneire, born in 1957 in Belgium, joined Jacobs Holding AG in November 2015 as Chief Executive Officer. Besides his function as CEO he also serves as chairman of our portfolio company, Barry Callebaut AG and as member of the Board of Ahold Delhaize, a Dutch-Belgian international food retailer.

Prior to joining Jacobs Holding AG, Patrick was CEO of Adecco S.A., the largest staffing company in the world, and also Barry Callebaut AG. Under his leadership, Barry Callebaut started its successful global expansion, which ultimately turned it into the global leader in chocolate and cocoa.  He started his career at Arthur Andersen Consulting followed by executive positions at Wang, Apple Computer and Sun International.

Patrick holds a Master’s degree in Commercial Engineering from the Solvay Business School of Brussels University (VUB), and a special license in marketing management from Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, Belgium. Patrick also completed studies in Business Management at the London Business School and INSEAD.

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Philippe Jacobs

Philippe Jacobs has been an investment director at Aalto Invest focusing on the firm’s public equity investments and previously worked at the Global Industrials Group in the Investment Banking Division of Royal Bank of Scotland and also at UBS AG in London and Zurich.

Philippe holds a M.Sc. in Finance from Imperial College Business School in Britain and Bachelor of Arts HSG in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen. In addition, he has completed a course at the FESCO International Training Center in Shanghai in Chinese language and culture.

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